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Webgeek comes with offer of wide variety of services, where we are always available to coordinated with our customers to understand their business requirements. We provide IT services like Website Design/UI Design, Website Development/UI Development, SEO, E-Commerce products and Java Development (Where we deal in HL7 on health care. HL7 is a mode of data transfer in which Patient Demographics, Patient Labs, Patient Prescriptions, Patient’s all health care information is moved from one server to other server like one hospital to other hospital and one hospital to insurance company etc.).

We try best of our abilities to satisfy the customer requirements. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction for which we follow the life cycle to understand requirement, feasibility and design. After approval on all phases from our customer we begin with the development. We also provide QA and maintenance services. Our expert team always try to deliver the best of their analytical and technical skillls.

How our project management works?

In Webgeek we follow set of  standards to achieve the goal. Which are listed as:

Analyse Customer Requirements/Business needs

First, step is we just listen what user say and try to understand the concept behind what our customer is saying and we also see their business demands what exactly they need and suggest. We go through a complete requirement analysis and prepare a documentation. Which can be either provided by customer or we prepare our self from what we analyse from conversation.

Feasibility/Planning phase

In this we divide projects into various phases, where we decide what is feasible and when to deliver product updates based on the analyse we made in the requirement analysis phase.

Product Designing

Then our expert team work on the designing part that how everything will look like and what all elements we need to include. Basically design phase is the front face of the project, which says, this is how the things will look like. After approval from customer we begin with the next phase.

Product Development/Implementation

This where we put our all the efforts to combine the things in a box. Here our team implement the analysed functionality and put everything in a frame so it look like a combination of what have been defined in requirement analysis and design phase.

QA Services

Then after it is time to some testing of the product we implemented, where our expert team upload product/website to development server or deliver product/software to client end for demo or for testing purposes. Where our customer and our testing expert try to make it sure that everything is working according to the requirements.

Final Release

After moving through all the phases now comes to final product delivery where we setup product/software/website on the target machine/server.

Website Maintenance Services

After that we provide time to time maintenance depending upon the requirements. We provide free maintenance for 1-2 months, but this may not include extra functional additions and maintenance charges vary according to the requirements.


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