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7 years ago

Something from my personal experience!Today I am going to talk about my other experience. Many of you might have encountered with system deadlock(position where a person is not able to operate mouse cursor and use user interface) regularly, where the only way to come out of this state is switch off your systems directly.There can be many reasons for deadlocks. Most of the people say, slowdowns or getting into deadlocks again and again are the signs that your Hard Disk Drive is about to crash, but some other say there can be other reasons like your RAM is no more working properly or this might be a problem with your Operating System or this may be because of Over Loading of you Hard Disk Drive or because of installing third party software.Few days ago same incident happened with me, where I found my Laptop overheating and getting onto deadlock again and again. So I went to service center and asked them to please service my Laptop and after servicing heating problem was fixed.But still I was facing deadlocks number of times in a day and the problem increased day by day then I again discussed to my service provider about this problem and he asked me to leave my Laptop for two or three days so that he can get some time to troubleshoot problem, but unfortunately as I am a professional this was not possible to leave my Laptop for two-three days.Then I decided to troubleshoot this problem myself, first of all I decided to arrange few screw drivers and as I was not much aware about Laptop hardware as I never opened any Laptop before, so I watched few videos over YouTube that how you can service your Laptop.Then I opened my Laptop's back panel and started my work, somewhere I knew my Laptop is having problem with either Touch Pad, RAM or Hard Disk Drive as I am technically strong. First of all I decided to check if RAMs are working properly I checked my Laptop RAMs one by one by removing other one if these are working fine this was easy to check as I was already having two RAMs in my Laptop. Now it was turn to check Hard Disk Drive, but there was nothing much to check, so I removed my Laptop Hard Disk Drive and checked if connectors are okay and then cleaned everything and reinserted my Hard Disk Drive properly. I thought it would resolve my problem and I also checked if touch pad is causing this problem, but after finishing up with everything problem was still there.Then I studied few more forums where people said this might be because of your Hard Disk Drive is about to crash and they defined logic behind that how you can confirm that your Hard Disk Drive is going to crash like it will slow down your processes and will enter suddenly into deadlock, where you won't be able to do much. So firstly I decided to replace my Hard Disk Drive with newer one. So I went to my hardware vendor and asked him to please replace my Laptop Hard Disk Drive and also asked him to backup my all data files from old Hard Disk Drive to new Hard Disk Drive as my data was very important to me. It's years of my hard work, but after checking for few mins he said your Laptop speed is very slow it is almost impossible to take backup in this situation and I was worried and I came back to my home and decided to take backup but the situation was getting really worse.So some more ideas came into my mind. I ran a check disk with error fixing command on my Laptop and removed all unwanted data, which took 3-4 hours and thank GOD it was weekend, after going through these processes Laptop speed was improved a bit and now I was happy that I can take backup from Hard Disk Drive, but problem was same, deadlock happened again after few mins and this time I was really worried and angry as well then suddenly an idea came into my mind which resolved my problem.The idea was to disable my Touch Pad from device manager. when I opened device manager there was no option to disable touch pad only option was to uninstall Touch Pad drivers first I decided not to go for it, but after looking at problem I was facing, I decided to go for it. So I uninstalled Touch Pad and checked for hours and was happy to see this resolved my problem, now there were no deadlocks and slowdowns and my Touch Pad was still working. Now I backed up all my important data to my portable Hard Disk Drive.I thought to share my personal experience with you guys, this may help you to resolve Laptop/PC related troubles you face. I hope you would like this article.Thanks; ... See MoreSee Less
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